Demming and TQM to Zachman and EA; are these two sides of the same coin?

Total Quality Management – according to ASQ
“At its core, Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction.
In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services and the culture in which they work.”

Let me point you to Zachman’s own words;
“The whole idea of Enterprise Architecture is to enable the Enterprise to address orders of magnitude increases in complexity and orders of magnitude increases in the rate of change.”

Enterprise and Business Architecture enable the people, process, and technology when grounded to the Total Quality Management system and GAAP/GRAP we have tremendous value.

  • Alone neither produce the results each propose to bring any organization or agency.
    • An Enterprise must include the many parts in design and definition-Systems include the Process, people and teechnology
    • Total Quality Management defines the outside in perspective of what the systems produce including the sources from people, process and technology.
  • Each offers a perspective or views associated with different stakeholders.
    • Featured Image-image shown above offers a similar view according to three different ways stakeholders might refer to the same thing(s)
      • Semantic
      • Real World
      • Fit for Purpose
    • Generally speaking one would assume each value was unique.
      • Each has common variables; a few may be unique while each contains predefined KPIs based on quality standards.
      • Our challenge remains translating the outputs which serve as inputs into another functional groups business process.

Supporting Statement

  • Total quality management would be vital to any organization chartered to deliver any offer; specifically when the sustainability of the agency or organizations goals intend to increase loyalty and produce value for any market or industry.
  • Information Systems connect the business, organization or agency whether enabled with a technology or “manually”.  In either case; all three components of change that must be factored; people, process and/or technology happen to converge as the same measurements used in Total Quality Management.

When these two sides of the same coin we can expect a healthy continuous improvement pipeline; personally this would be the least likely to produce a profit.

  • You are likely to be correcting something more likely to be a symptom.
  • The symptom will continue to be a problem and simply moves to another location leaving the original problem
    • Plus, one or more new problems.

The Enterprise Architecture and Total Quality Management should be grounded upon the same principles

  • In looking at the two sides of the same coin perhaps it needs to be framed this way.
  • We must presume you need both sides of the coin to be worth anything.

In my experience there are three primary reasons for transformational changes introduced (80/20 rule) annually by the formulation and development of the strategy.
Transformational changes

1. Acquisition or organic growth
2. Industry transition or change in the companies leadership and mission
3. Continuous Improvement from either internal or external audit results

The later of the two are performed by objective parties external to the organization.  

  • Your annual financial audit and the reports produced ideally with no material findings in general accounting acceptable practices (GAAP or GRAP or public sector).
  • Your annual quality management system audit and the reports ideally with no major and few repeated minor non-conformance.

Who requires the external auditor reports?  

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Regulatory Oversight bodies

The scope of the audits includes the corporate policies which define the procedures to guide the people and decision making in their activities which are part of a process.

  • Engineering is a system
  • Marketing is a system
  • Sales is a system
  • Operations is a system
  • Delivery (supply chain, advisory or technical) is a system
  • Support is a system

For this reason; the same coin would be true only of the people to system

  • TQM – Demming an expert or guru in the
  • EA – Zachman an expert in the information systems

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