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Plainly said, architecture defines the way unrelated “things” connect to enable a system of “things”. Business Architecture includes the business requirements which are multi-faceted or has various parts of a system which must be connected with dependencies in a specific sequence unlike database or data warehouse conversations. Enterprise Architecture includes the technology, systems and information […]

Service Management  Configuration Management  Scale and control your environment – decisions about the companies enterprise business data and copies of this information are your organizations vital information.    We have far to often created a new checklist on a project and simply mark or claim no to anything that may increase the scope.    I’ve […]

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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH): Developing an Optimum Design for Layer 3 (CCDP) | Designing Advanced IP Addressing | InformIT. Windows     � via Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH): Developing an Optimum Design for Layer 3 (CCDP) | Designing Advanced IP Addressing | InformIT.

2.0 Develop products and services (AQPC business process framework) Create Engineering – The create, read and update accountable functional system; an offer management capability. Enrich Marketing – The update of the data points for external market and audience purposes. User Centered Design Business Groups should be a selection of types of tangible and intangible items […]

Operational process instructions How do master records an the outcomes of transactions “fact records” differ in terms of the companies performance?    An organization has a set of procedures that a person in a position of authority has been directed by corporate policies to perform using pre-defined procedures to execute. Certain inputs must be executed in […]

— List of Related Articles Lisa Marie Martinez — The Highway Analogy for the Real World Audience — — Table of Contents — — — 5 Capability Model in the Series — — — — Party Management Capability and Sub-Systems — — — — — Customer Management Capability — — — — — — RW1) Vertical Market Segment — — — — […]

Would Demming and TQM or EA and Zachman be part of the same coin? Demming and TQM-Demming was an expert who’s approach was to achieve Total Quality Management systems Zachman and EA-Zachman is an expert in information systems who’s framework serves as a communication tool for all stakeholders in an Enterprise Architecture. I have yet […]



Stakeholder(s)- External Regulatory and International Standards Organization Ensure financial, business and quality standards are part of the culture and applied according to industry standards. Introduce the system dynamics with models and simulated views. Minimize the knowledge gap through a systemic approach to the enterprise and business architecture. Virtual Boundaries – Guide rather than force change […]