About Lisa Marie Martinez and design thinking

A design thinker on a quest to change the world for the better; through really smart people working together.

(c) copyright 2012 Lisa Marie Martinez

Please note the purpose of this content intends to identify the minimum criteria for meeting both regulatory and fiduciary responsibility.  In order to meet the objective the content will focus on solutions designed to meet many requirements.

Solution Design Approach

In scope; when the target has more than 3 benefits or value streams with different stakeholders whether discreet or non-discreet across the various process owners.

ie.; If you have a customer topic and design a solution for the create of a master record for a customer outcomes you can expect may not be known to legal how the recovery or aggregation between records in a transaction are not the same as the master record.

  • Legal expects the negotiated terms on the master record to govern all transactions and may not have the role of ensuring recovery time objectives.
  • Legal does know the agreement states the organization will at all times maintain the highest degree of privacy for their customer and any transaction or negotiated terms unique to the commerce relationship between the customer and your organization as the supplier for a customer.

Conceptual to Applied

Quality Architecture

A professional guarantee when applied using the approach to know that I have personally applied these practices in many scenarios.

 Auditor Value Stream


My career in general has usually been the problem solver and internal auditor in the prevention of any threats.

Risk Management

The systems approach with an outside in design strategy.

  • Your organizations method of travel on the highway has two directions South or North and three lanes in each direction.
  • You have a grouping system in place that would likely be associated to the make and model of cars and the color to another.

The three lanes should be used to group your risk based on the following;

  1. High
    1. Your organization risk are greater
    2. Your opportunity will be in the systematic approach to the solution proposed
    3. Fewer with greater defect needs to use the same method of calculation apples to apples rather than oranges to apples.
    4. fewer interactions exposing the organization to threats based on an assumption that the count has no significant threat to an organization.
    5. The dollar amount will be in scope on your internal and external audit report.
  2. Medium
    1. Requires more attention than the fast lane was designed to support.
  3. Low
    1. High Volume measurements due to the following;
      1. I associate volume with fast and furious or heavy on the self service and rather predictive in nature
      2. Not new not maturing
      3. Partner led as an example not the organizations legal liability.
    2. When in fact the mindset around the topic has increased the threats by 10 or more times on the highest dollar transactions.
  4. Important to note; the ISO certification component isn’t the purpose of this section.
    1. The principles have been written to exclude the requirements which are in scope for C-Level and BoD.
    2. The corporate policies in every organization drive the requirements.
      1. Authored by each organizations BoD.
      2. Corporate Policies
      3. ISO Risk Management

Our subjects will be limited to topic <root> using strong and natural hierarchies.

  1. root>
  2. Level 2>
  3. Level 3>
  4. Level 4>
  5. Level 5>

The intent of this content is NOT to re-design your existing environment; the ability to logical group in this manner requires no physical transformation.  The value will be greater when you develop the roadmap with this approach driving clear and identifiable configuration items with their outside in characteristics applied to each.

General Accepted Accounting Principles which later in the US resulted in non-standard reporting to shareholders by Enron causing several high level executives to be jailed and fined.

Quality management systems are in place to measure the performance of people, process and technology.


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