5 Capability Model in the Series

5 Capability Model

A work in progress; it would be ideal to collect generic and operational thinking must converge in order to overcome the current barriers broadly experienced by companies of all sizes across every industry.  A general theme has surfaced in the recent economic downturn.

The current Fit for Purpose definition used to determine quality and the quantified measurements in maturity models are great for subjective purposes.

For this reason and one that most experienced experts can sense the gap, feel or thinking through analysis of facts and apply reasoning to various scenarios proving the void has external evidence supporting a host of symptoms that seem to unearth enough supporting materials to keep every system thinking and architect busy for the next year if not more. The challenge in even the greatest minds collectively working towards a common goal; the risk of over analysis.  The deadly sin of analysis paralysis.

To aid in avoidance of this weakness; having access to a few who are in between projects and those who are hero’s in the battle to overcome and contain the Lucifer Effect.  My goal personally; to aid every company in being unique while making life easier to do the right thing first.   To insert the right thing without disturbing the current state and educating until we have the next generation of hero’s.

3 Management Sub-Capabilities

Assume our first objective would be to identify our Create, Read, Update and Archive Stewards and Trustees; Any Corporate Policies approved by your Board of Directors will contain the procedures and roles who must manage the setup of your following external stakeholders master records.

Quality Standards adopted widely by most companies across the world are the only two which a company may acquire a certification;

Stakeholders-Party Management Capabilities

Real World (Outside In)

When we factor the human side of business; add process and technology to the education system employers have a well educated workforce with several obvious missing components.

How do capabilities aid in executing the strategy?

Through the definition of the different value streams using generic value streams.  In this model we have targeted the parts of any business that are common using design patterns that have become the silent root cause of many undelivered multi-year technology investments.  Understanding the way different organizations interact has become a rare skill that isn’t easily inserted into a culture where everyone can describe a common object differently.  Trying to break the barriers in communication that are now part of the culture and accepted as the norm.

Systems and Sub-Systems

The generic model has been crafted from dynamic thinkers who design with systems to guide and within the systems enable tiered sub-systems based on external , apply tacit knowledge and use this series to transition to explicit knowledge.

This material will set the stage for the basics in a manner that your executive and Board of Directors can understand.  The series will be framed to take a (5) capability model from Level 2-5 in a manner for Enterprise and Business Architects.


Management Capabilities

Corporate Policy Governed

  • Definedprocedures within the policy with roles who are accountable, responsible, informed and consulted.
    • Create, read and update activities defined in your corporate policies

Transaction Capability

Three lanes in South bound direction

  • Expense Value Stream
    • slow lane
    • middle lane
    • fast lane

Three lanes in the North bound direction

  • Revenue value stream
    • slow lane
    • middle lane
    • fast lane

Quality Indicators by offer

  • Entry points
  • Defined by each standard in each vertical
  • Exits
  • Defined by each standard in each vertical


North bound begins when a legal entity has a signed agreement and both the customer and sales person have identified a solution that the customer has a budget to purchase an Accountable business decision maker on board with the solutions ability to meet the Need and a Timeline that the solution must meet for the customers commitment.

Sales Engagement

Rules of engagement in extending credit to any customer;

  • Global Accounts in the north bound direction on any highway
  • Based on the sales plan in larger accounts (predict forecast) in these scenarios the accounts are fewer in count and higher in value.
  • Lead to opportunity

A sales practice used to qualify

  • Budget
  • Accountable Business Decision Maker
  • Need your solution can meet
  • Timeline to deliver

A guide that can make you an enabler of the strategy regardless of the flavor.

The strategy in this analogy represents the cars make and model.

Your suppliers travel south with you as you build your offers and your customers help you to earn revenue going North.

Vertical Market Relevance

Outside In or Real World dimensions of a customer; the legal definition of a customer.  The series will frame the way different industries fit into the 5 capability model.

A risk model for financial and international standards:

The capabilities apply and have been the crux of general accounting principles for 3o years; before technology was introduced.

The same operational business process dependencies have been the source of the Standards in ISO.

Strategy translates into Design Thinking for Transformation

A) Getting from Quantifiable measurements to those to meet Quality standards

Maturity in this model isn’t quantified; it’s simply 3 lanes on a highway

  • High-Complexity and Touches with ranking of the type having external threats
    • Fewer with higher value above the 50k threshold corporate 300 customers
  • Medium-Becoming mature yet higher skills and more advanced external customer segments
    • Mid-Market more but higher complexity-hosted model
  • Low-Your mainstream supported by your channels
    • Many your quantified needs are within this model.

Slow Lane exiting and re-entering “often”  with the Middle lane starting to increase velocity

Your risk need to be carved out and contained; they are your competitive advantage and models that require your most senior resources.

  • Missing a quality indicator can become a legal liability.

The only lane your going to expect quantified measurements will be in your proven offers that rarely change and have sold above the 1 billion threshold in the market.

Fast Lane

Most channels are skilled enough to access the fast lane; its fast and furious.

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