Outside In an Enterprise Architecture Candidate

An Outside In Enterprise Architecture

A Candidate proposed by a Business Architect with more than 20 years experience.

  • Please assume that I am an avid supporter of technology solutions and usually one of the first early adopters.
  • My only requirement; the solution is truly going to add value.

The goal to insert the business rules in a systemic manner without any hard dependency on any technology other than your ERP system.

  1. More than 4 audit points converge in each lane on the highway.
    1. Assume the current state would be the cars and drivers – which we merely propose the boundaries for the best way to ensure fewer limitations in higher volumes while greater scrutiny on the few can be managed appropriately.
    2. The primary outcome of this model includes the design patterns for generic application of risk, based on prevention rather than relying on detection measurements alone.
  2. We touch on BI and Data Warehouse, with Application and Technology publishing to the two.  We expect no create or update for the purpose of publishing to any application in the operational architecture.  BI and EDW publish to a dashboard or portal.   The presentation layer with insights.
  3. The design patterns were derived from many lesson’s learned, where the norms were retested against the compliance and quality criteria.
  4. We have taken the design to the point of a target state reference architecture for operational architecture reference.


  • Anything with a financial or external risk.
  • Defined and Governed by your Corporate Policies, not the functional policies.

External Stakeholders;

We can assume the current state has the ability to summarize into 5 capabilities; 3 management capabilities and 2 transaction capabilities.


The analogy for those who want to understand the concept and candidate for an Outside In model.
  1. Part I Highway Generic Business Services For Operational Architecture
  2. Part Ii Management
  3. Part Iii Risk Management
  4. Part Iv Business Operational Reference
  5. Part V Presentationlayer
  6. Part Vi People
The highway analogy applied to two vertical industry types to show the way the model applies to any market.
  1. Education Scenario
  2. Federal2

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