Sub-Process Level 3 Opportunity Business Services

Business Services

Business Process Level 3

Sub-Process Stakeholder Sales


Revenue Transaction Capability – Opportunity Management Capability

  • a capability to group my team with fine grain access to the record and process activities the role may perform
  • a capability to limit view into enterprise business data
  • a capability to acquire customer cloud account visibility by the customers assignment of my group (interoperability) bio-metrics identification
  • a capability to integrate with email carrier
  • a capability to integrate with task in calendar
  • a capability to integrate records with the contact consumer activity by creating or uploading to the contact for sharing with the customer or the group
  • collaborating on operational processes with other functional stakeholders.
  • a capability to supply goal to commission operational performance from the system of record ERP, CRM to Commission modules
  • a capability that allows the worker to have assigned accounts anywhere in the world when HR market line of business = global account
    • I’m a global account worker-I have only global access to no more than 5 accounts
    • I’m a default worker with geographical and customer or vertical market account access
    • I’m a federal worker with national security threat protection and a private cloud
  • a capability that allows a worker to have an assigned geographical territory when I’m a mid-market or vertical by  geo worker
  • a capability with all my operational performance to date
  • a capability with any regional competitive “who’s met their plan” who’s leading overall etc.
  •  single web interface with my sales goals and plan with performance to date and my vital activities that allow me to interact with my customers.

Service to Sales Worker based on HR line of business Vertical >LOB (global or default)

Business Services  2

  • Offer Capability Services (Engineering)

Business Services 3

  • Party Management Capability by my accounts from the Contact Center Services (Marketing)

Business Services 4

  • Party Management Capability + History for my accounts for the 360 degree views (without viewing everything)

Worker Business Service Quality Indicators (add ranking)

  1. Valuable – CRM and Mobility from your intranet
    • Credible
      • Accessible
  2. Option Marketing Desirable Insights – Dashboard and Mobile
    • Findable (searchable)
      • Comprehensible
        • Usable

Business Requirements User Business Service Delivery

Business Service 1 – Operational Data Priority

  • Engineering the requirement to make me (a sales person) successful
    • I need the way my competitor and executives group our offers
    • Returnthe sales plan for the customer and contact
      • Return the offers we have on the plan
    • Return and present the offers I am paid commission on first
      • Return any promotions or upgrade options allowing a pay as you grow option

Business Service 2 – Operational 360 degree view of the customer

    • Option service 1-offers my customer owns and by main branch and closest to the end customer
      • The trick; present only the offers upgrade and ONLY IF I prompt the location of the legacy equipment etc.
      • could enhance or upgrade with only the options and offers they are used to enhance.
    • HIDE ALL CONTACT CENTER DATAabout the customer >ONLY RESPOND WITH OFFER connected behind the scenes at the customer
      • My customers purchase history grouping by my contacts branch according to the network my end user has a REAL relationship with.
    • Return and present
      • In the process with the customer only when I choose should I need to be specific about the selections or items group by business units offers and allow drill down into families.
      • By business unit I need menus to select from not bound to rules of bundles you choose but the way the market allows me to select the items.  items by feature ala carte and objects hide entirely
      • top line by goods or service or software in summary your service needs to be grouped for CRM tools.

Continuous Improvement

  • Connected-enrichment versus re – key
  • Environmentally friendly substantial reduction on waste and run time power consumption

Connecting the system for fewer rework and less opportunity for error on risk portfolio

Customer Value

Which one of these people are on the lot and actually going to buy a car?

When does your customer make their expectations known?

In this scenario-you have 5 actors of this group 4 “are suspects or potential buyers”

  • Only the last person was actually going to fulfill a lifetime goal inspired by her high school chemistry teacher.
  • She had just confirmed with her bank that all funds were deposited and cleared the holds.
  • She had the copy of the bank deposit slips; her check stubs and several other forms of identification.
  • She wanted a mercedez-benz; used but with the best service plan and tax and license out the door – no more than 20k
    • She’s a tough customer-quality means much more than speed
    • 25 steps on the lot-that’s what she gives any supplier-whether store or car dealership
      • In fact she just walked the 25 steps on the lot up the street and immediately walked off without a single hello or can we help you?
    •  Imagine if no-one walked up; smiling and pleasant ready to help.
    • First response rather non-interested no just looking; you don’t have what I’m looking for.
    • What are you looking for; you never know?
    • A mercedez; and you didn’t like the one on the left?
    • Which one on the left; I missed it.  I saw the one on the right.  I thought to myself.  Yes, it’s my experience and I’m the tough customer.

Now the only customer in the market wasn't a customer yet.

1st point about the audience to consume “big data” not all situations are value for everyone

The only reason I purchased the car; the sales person had enough knowledge about the offers.  I said a make and he knew of one below the one saw and indicated the car was too old and above what I was willing to buy that day.

1. Lives on the East Coast and has a relationship to the 5th driver-she’s the customers niece.

2. Lives in Ceres, CA and has a relationship to the 5th driver-she’s a cousin.

3. Lives in Ceres, CA and has a relationship to the 5th driver-she’s her 1st god daughter.

4. Was at work, she’s a lab teacher with a relationship to the 5th driver-she’s her 1st daughter.

5. The 5th driver was me; it’s all about me the customer.  I don’t see how my relationships have anything to do with my transactions.

I drove that car home that day!  Because the sales person did everything that indicates the dealership cares about the customers; makes sure the relationship managers knew the offers and had access to encourage and make me want the car.   Only when we got into the details did I learn; the guy who sold me on the car was making his very first sale.  That was impressive to take a tough customer who had one goal for more than 20 years and get her to fall in love and buy it.  With the right information and the right company you can do just about anything.

2nd point in this scenario

Let’s take a minute to revisit the scenario;

  • A dealership made an offer available after the criteria to leave South Bound travel, aspiring from Engineering and Marketings excellent workd-
  • Next stop a driver to take the offer North Bound
  • A consumer with the right intent and motivation – all paperwork in hand.

Becomes a customer ?  No, I am a consumer of an offer that the dealership invested in (expense).

The driver (myself) get’s in the revenue direction going North and enters the highway.

  • I am the finance companies customer; the dealership and I have a consumer relationship.
  • Which person pays the dealership can be a decision at the last minute two days later or two weeks earlier with my own bank.

Remember the highway isn’t concerned about me as the driver; nor the car make and model.  It simply requires entry and exit criteria.

The 3rd important factor…quality wins over quantity anytime…

  • The scenario wasn’t based on 4 extra sets of information.
  • In reality the only things that worked were access to quality information.

In a real world situation the same is true for the transition from marketing to sales;

  • Your sales relationship manager, held the solution discussions with your customer.
  • The following process indicates to sales; I am closing the papers are in the works!
    • Opportunity Document Becomes an opportunity record
    • The next process begins with a few more columns to acquire the detail from the same record
      • Forecast begins

Fact Based Decisions-Expectation Setting Conversation-Push to Every Header Form

The point in the process when your opportunity has changed to a forecast.

  • B-Your customer has a budget to purchase the solution.
  • A-Your sales presentation was held with the accountable business decision maker on board with your solution.
  • N-Your solution meets the business need.
  • T-Your Customer has described the timeline to deliver the solution or project end date.

This process used by many industries, would be the best way to align your organization to the customers expectations.

Sub-Process Level 1>2>3 Promote your offers



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