Business Services to My Portal or an Intranet


Business Process Level 2

Business services to my portal or an intranet page


  • Business Service Acquisition of IT Services Bundles packaged for workers in sales.
  • Business Service Suppliers-Sub Process Level 3 Description for actor workers (Sales).
  • Business Activity Monitors-Management based on Organization hierarchy in Sales

In office computer (laptop +  device)

The technical sequence for recovery and change management testing

  • The intranet view-my portal

  • A users portal business service - the activities are published in a view

    • Please recognize my machine id and network access preference towards bio-metrics
      • windows or apple credentials based on 2 point verification 
    • Allow the collection of business services defined above as options for any sales user
    • entitlement acquires business service catalog in the form of components by worker Business Process as the organization exceeds the level 5 business process the service bundles are no longer connected to financial transactions and therefore outside the scope of this requirement.
    • The requirement MUST supply a host of components that are inter related but from a single daily operations report from each primary source described by capability at the management or transaction down to the point of having no more financial impact.
    • bundles are read only and may be submitted to the source for corrective action.
    • If guest only return relevant to coverage assigned by group at the summary level in total not detail.
    • If guest detail by line with no monetary value


  • The mobility business service – my device
    • Company owned device
      • Bio-metrics accessibility Facial
    • Bring your own device
      • Encryption to 3 point access for subscriber
        • wipe device option

Performance Dashboard

See Federal

  • Publish year to date and goal performance to mobility by worker
    •  sales with Marketing 360 view of my customer based on touches and history for best match to offers
      • A group view by Active Directoryto summarize the workers for a worker manager
        • connect worker in transfer or terminate relationship with manager
          • changes reporting relationship to date closed transactions
            • only event records to the date of transfer or termination on the user to the former  worker manager
        • connect any worker open transactions to worker option to view
          • system transfer using Active Directory changes from worker manager
        • transfer all history in two segments before worker manager
        • transfer all open to goal sheet views retaining the detail on former manager performance
      • a group view by project code for budget managers
      • a group view by project for project managers
    • The marketing customer detail and groupings by legal outside in view are hidden and the results are presented in a business service to the CRMtool.
      • Blog Roller for example
      • Widget or breadcrumb
      • The customer should be grouped by contact center in one view and the customers facts Real World in another allowing the subjective and objective to base decisions.
      • Outside in view and grouped by customers legal branches from D&B.

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